Monday, September 8, 2014

Why I Switched From Wordpress To Blogger

Why I Switched From Wordpress To Blogger

Graphic by Erika Grey features the Blogger Logo above the Wordpress logo with a giant X over the Wordpress logo signifying that Blogger is chosen over Wordpress
Blogger Over Wordpress

I just migrated my WordPress blog to blogger and made blogger my headquarters. Why would I do such a thing when WordPress is the crème de la crème of blog platforms for search engine ranking. 

 I read a couple of really good articles and here is one on blogger lab, and after conducting my research I discovered there is no longer an advantage with WordPress over Blogger. I also tested my blog with WordPress to see where it ranked with one of my key search terms, and despite many articles on my topic and lengthy ones as well, which Google Search now favors, I did not show up until page 18 of Google. 

I had three blogs, one on Wordpress, and two on Blogger. After learning that Google changed its search algorithms in 2011 to combat content farms, and now favor websites with lots of information on their topic and lengthy articles, I decided it was best to consolidate my sites under one blog.

I started to get the idea that Google Blogger was the place to be when I discovered Google+ and how Google+ affects search  ranking.   Google was very smart to tie in their social networking platform with search.  Not to mention that if someone is in your circle or you are in theirs, if you wrote a article on a topic they are searching you will show up in their search results. With Google+ I noticed that I received good comments on my articles, while with Wordpress all I have ever received is spam.

Wordpress functions differently than blogger, you have plug ins that allow you to customize your site.   It is not as user friendly as blogger, which is real easy to use. I hired an individual who had done a previous website for me and he customized my Blogger to my specs and I based it on a free template that I completely customized except for the article format.  

I exported my Wordpress blog with a gadget I found online that converted it and was able to restore it with little problems. I found the directions on Moving Wordpress to Blogger in this article. The only change I needed to make was in a couple of Categories that I needed to tweak because they either didn’t show as a capital letter or needed to be Capitalized to match my Categories in Blogger.

Lastly, I do not have to deal with the cost of hosting, the hosting platform that I never had the time to learn, or having a website. I have even done away with my website and moved my site to Blogger. Is Blogger perfect? No, are there a few things I would fix, yes. I do not like that the blog description becomes the title of the blog, which I already have in my customized header so it left me having to make that work for my site so that my title does not appear  twice.

I know that many who come across my blogs, have their own blogs they write and I realize that I have gone against the status quo by moving my blog from Wordpress to Blogger so I thought I would write this article to explain why I have moved from Wordpress to Blogger in case anyone else is asking the same questions about Wordpress and Blogger that I asked.
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