Tuesday, September 23, 2014

US Arab Coalition Against ISIL: Prelude to Armageddon

US Arab Coalition Against ISIL: Prelude to Armageddon

US Command Center Photo of US bombing of ISIS Installation. This is another example of a sign of the end times foretold in Bible Prophecy, i.e. the emergence of ISIS and the resulting war that follows fulfilling Jesus's prediction and 2 Timothy.
US Bombing of ISIS

Who would have ever thought that an enemy would appear on the world scene that would pose a threat to so many nations that the United States would form a coalition with Arab Countries to defeat it. 

The rise of  the brutal, ruthless IS (ISIS, ISIL) has brought together nations  and groups that had political differences, and disputes with one another to defeat the Islamic State.  This is a prelude to the battle of Armageddon, where the world’s leading empires will join to defeat the Antichrist at the battle of Armageddon in the valley of Megiddo.

IS in all their bravado and hubris directed threats against leading nations and individuals. These included the US, France, Australia, Canada, and , Britain . They warned their black flag will fly over London , and they will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.  Rumors circulated that the Commission Headquarters  was also among Jihadist’s targets. IS specifically threatened  twitter employees of the US and Europe who shut down their accounts, and of course citizens of all the above named countries. 

IS also stunned the world by planning an attack on the  the Vatican, and  threatened to kill Pope Francis. Their hatred for the Pope extends to the President of Argentina; Christina Fernandez who they intend to murder for being the Pope’s friend.

IS (ISIS, ISIL) really shocked the masses when among the US, France, Australia, Canada, Britain, Argentina threats came one to Russia. IS directly threatened Vladimir Putin.  That’s right, the same Vladimir Putin who said that Russia can invade Europe in two days, who could easily nuke Raqqa.  Putin  is viewed as a political Hercules and both greatly admired and feared for his strength.

IS hit the world like an earthquake and its threats came as waves of a Tsunami. World Leaders and citizens alike were horrified at their level of brutality and ruthlessness. Even more bewildering is their ability to get recruits from men and women from the industrialized nations who looked forward to contributing to the IS violence. Christ’s warnings of the violence of the end times unfolded before evangelical Christian’s eyes, along with the fulfillment of “nation will rise against nation.” This led leading evangelical bible prophecy experts to teach that Islam is the beast of Revelation and will take over the world.

Rather the effect of the IS earthquake caused a tectonic geopolitical shift in foreign policy that no expert anticipated.  With the unprecedented violence of IS, ISIS, ISIL, we see nations putting aside their differences to work together to eliminate a greater enemy to each of their countries or empires.

Russia with strained relations with both the US and Europe considered joining the coalition to fight ISIS, along with Iran, which has its own set of conflicts with the US and EU. While Russia criticized the airstrikes it was only in the context of their not taking place under UN auspices and with the President of Syria’s approval.  Iran wanted to bring to the table their conflict over the issue of Uranium and settle it in exchange for their support.

We saw Germany, which has remained out of conflicts since World War 11 go against its own policy for the first time and  send 70 million euro’s-92 million dollars’ worth of anti-tank weapons to arm the Kurds in Iraq.

With the flooding of Kurdish Refuges into Turkey, Turkey is accepting the refugees, which creates immediate issues for Turkey.  Turkey and the Kurdish PKK, which battled for 30 years over the PKK’s demand for separation from Turkey to create a separate Kurdistan, just last year came to a peaceful resolution and the Kurds moved to Northern Iraq.  Now they are flooding into Turkey and with them the potential for old problems flaring.

In the immediate IS (ISIS, ISIL), is being dealt with and the rest of these matters will be sorted later.

Meanwhile, this is a prelude to the coalition we see gathered at the battle of Armageddon, to defeat an enemy that will once again cause the gathering nations to put aside their differences.

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