Monday, September 8, 2014

Killer Cold Virus Now Epidemic in US

Killer Cold Virus Now Epidemic in US

Graphic shows map of united States in blue depicting Cold with the Caption Killer Cold Virus in Capital letters and expanding across the map depicting that the Killer Cold Virus is epidemic in the United States
Killer Cold Virus

In addition to Ebola, which experts anticipate will hit the United States, and the join debilitating Chickungunya virus, and the hospital viruses that are out of control, we now have a mystery plague that has sickened 1000 kids and counting. 

Doctors suspect it is a killer cold virus named, Enterovirus 68 and they said it is epidemic. You can read all about the new virus or view the video in Good Morning America’s Report Unidentified Mystery Virus Likely To Hit Kids Across Country.  

 Are you in the camp with those of us who watch Bible Prophecy to notice that these are increasing? What’s up with the emergence of all of these illnesses? I am glad you asked.   These events are like a train that starts to chug along and build momentum until it is at full speed.  Jesus warned that these signs would begin to occur and gather pace like a woman in labor. These are signs and are acting as warnings. Between the pace of these plagues and the extreme weather, this is God’s warning that the train is on the track and is picking up steam. As we read more of our degenerate, immoral, violent society these are warnings that God is not pleased with what is happening in the hearts of men on planet earth.   Who reading this articles is unscathed by someone else’s immoral actions. I bet there is not one person reading this article who can’t write me and tell me their own personal story. 

This is a first that we have heard of a killer cold virus.  The common cold is usually harmless, but a killer cold virus that is maxing out some hospitals supply of beds and personnel?  This virus is also hitting early in the season as kids just went back to school.   I can hear the voice of The Robot on Lost in Space, “Warning, Warning, Warning Will Robinson,” Only I am the Robot telling you all, Warning, Warning as a messenger of the living God.

The train is gathering steam and from here it is all only going to get worse, and if these plagues seem bad, once the bowls and trumpet judgments begin in the Revelation prophecy it is going to be far worse.