Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Historic Floods Sink Cars in Arizona

Historic Floods Sink Cars in Arizona

Graphic by Erika Grey of a car submerged in waters with Arizona Floods written across the graphic with a Map of Arizona in the background
Arizona Floods

When one thinks of Arizona we think of a dry desert.  Sunny, hot and dry during the day and cold at night Deserts are usually places of little rain.    In these end times we are seeing another first, historic floods in Arizona.   CNN shows an unbelievable photos of submerged cars in their Article Flash Floods Slam Arizona. ,  Godaddy, based in Arizona stated in their voice mail that there would be longer wait times due to the floods in Arizona which affected employees ability to go to work.

The last thing one thinks of is a flooded desert, but such is the case of living in the end times where what we thought was impossible, is now possible nature wise.   Check out this photo by MSN of a highway that got wiped away with a car sunk deep into mud. These are some unbelievable photos!

These weather events are going toe to toe with earth’s inhabitants who are committing deeds that we also never would have imagined in their depravity and immorality.  

In case you have not noticed the unusual severe weather, I am now pointing it out to you.  The media has dubbed it “extreme weather.”  Only extreme weather has become the new norm.

Meanwhile according to Euronews, “Torrential rain causes more havoc in Denmark.” And we see the tea production effected by “extreme weather” in India recorded in Money Control’s Bad Weather , Global Woes hit India’s tea production, export

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