Monday, September 29, 2014

Enterovirus Paralyzing Like Polio

Enterovirus Paralyzing Like Polio

CDC Enterovirus Image Source: Cynthia S. Goldsmith Photo shows enterovirus under a microscope which looks like a cluster of dots
CDC Enterovirus

ABC News reported that Paralysis Link Suspected as Enterovirus Spreads. After reading the article, my first thought was “eterovirus is paralyzing like polio.”  According to the CDC enterovirus has spread to 40 US States, infected 277 children and nine of them are showing signs of paralysis.  Each of these plagues that are emerging are frightening in their own right. 

When we think of paralysis we think of Polio. I remember a woman in my home town who was teacher, whose lifeless arms were stricken by polio.    Her arms hung off of her body like dead weight.  She was amazing as she had special apparatus to accomplish tasks with her mouth.  While this woman managed to perform great tasks despite her disability, one could not help but be struck by the aftermath horror of a polio infection. The CDC is not clear on the paralysis link of enterovirus or the extent of the paralysis.  Never-the-less, this report is frightening just the same.

  The plagues of these end times from ebola to chikungunya to enterovirus each present horrific unimaginable symptoms and are spreading.  According to Yahoo News, the excruciating chickungunya virus  in August in El Salvadore started out with 2300 cases and now has nearly 30,000. Ebola, is still making headlines with dire predictions of its spread. Of the three: enterovirus 68, which the CDC reports is a non-polio infection, can both leave you unable to breath and paralyzed. Ee don't know yet if it is a permanent paralysis because the virus is so new, and the CDC is still studying it, but these reports are concerning. Chickungunya causes excruciating joint and bone pain and can leave the sufferer impaired with joint pain lasting for years. Ebola causes your organs to liquefy and can kill you.  These three are the most publicized epidemics or plagues. There are others that are making headlines as well. I do not ever recall a time in history when so many deadly viruses were making the news as now.

For those of us who follow Bible Prophecy and current events, the rise of these frightening plagues is is one more confirmation of the end times. 

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