Monday, August 18, 2014

The Amish Girl's Raped by Nurse & Psyche Major

The Amish Girl's Raped by Nurse & Psyche Major

A photo of an Amish girl dressed in Amish attire with a black label crossing over her that says in capital letters, "Raped" and next to it is a nurses cap with Rapist written across the front of the cap in capital letters and to the side of the Amish girl is a medical symbol with Rapist written across the top in capital letters graphic by Erika Grey

The abduction and rape of two Amish girls highlights a level of depravity on so many levels and is another example of the immorality Jesus predicted would occur in the end times.

The Amish are a fabric of American society who have been viewed with wonder and intrigue. I remember as a young child traveling with my family through Pennsylvania and my father telling us about the Amish and how we would get to see them. Amish country in the State’s they live, is a tourist attraction.

The Amish have always provided a unique contribution to the US as a whole. They became an example of a peaceful, religious, spiritual people who refuse all modern technology and live exactly as their ancestors. They represent a peaceful and pure people unadulterated by modern society and its decadence. Yet even the Amish community is no different from the rest of society in these end times. Stories of Amish partaking in shocking crimes of incest, rape, and gang rape are being reported. The most bazaar and horrific involved a rape gang who used cattle sedative and sprayed it into the rooms of their victims much like armies use chemical weapons, to put their intended victims to sleep and rape them. Despite the issues surfacing in the Amish Community, there is something about kidnapping two young Amish girls that adds greater shock. 

What is even worse is that the crime was committed by a boyfriend and girlfriend couple, who came from professions one would imagine least likely to produce a child rapist.  In Catie O’Toole’s article Amish Girl’s Accused Kidnapper Studied Rape Psychology she features the kidnapper’s smiling faces and details their backgrounds.  According to Catie O’Toole’s post, Stephen M. Howells II was a nurse and his girlfriend Nicole Vaisey was a senior psychology major at Mercyhurst College who published research about the effects of watching pornography on attitudes toward rape.

You got the sense from the news that law enforcement treated this case delicately in respect of the Amish people. The fact that the judge imprisoned the perpetrators without bond examples the feelings of the judge regarding the rape of the Amish girl’s by these individuals and a nurse no less who is held to a higher standard in our society. Each new detail of this crime added more shock such as these girls might not have been the first victims of this couple.  This is the new norm in these end times, least likely people, caregivers committing shocking crimes.  

It was a miracle these girls were returned and I want to note that it was after a prayer service held by the Amish that the girls were freed and the father of the girls spoke in a forgiving manner toward the perpetrators.  For more on this story see ABC news and their chronological headings as this story unfolded.