Saturday, August 23, 2014

More Extreme Violence-Cop Beating Woman on Highway

More Extreme Violence-Cop Beating Woman on Highway

Actual Photo of Cop beating a woman on the highway, it shows the woman on the highway ground and the police officer sitting next to her with his arm in the air as he has raised it back to throw another punch
Cop Beating Woman On Highway

If you have not seen this video you must view this article by CBS news and watch the video footage of the cop beating a woman on a highway.  This footage is unbelievable!  

The violence is not only extreme but unprovoked.   It is right out of 2 Timothy 3:1-5 that in the last days perilous times will come and men will be "brutal."  This police officer's actions are brutal.  My heart goes out to the woman in the video. This happened to her and it could happen to anyone.

People are becoming so unpredictable and violent and just as we are seeing extreme weather we are seeing extreme violence.   The severe weather are warnings in part because of this very sin that is growing in society.  This officer's anger and rage fired like a rocket. He was so explosive it didn't occur to him that he was in public acting this way in front of many people who were driving by him.   This reminds me of road rage footage. I have seen this same type  of anger exhibited and the next thing the road rage victim knows someone is firing shots at them, or beating them with a weapon.

We are seeing all kinds of violence and it fulfills Jesus's prediction that the end times are going to be like the days of Noah that were characterized by violence.

 The cop beating the woman on the highway is just one example of the horrific violence that we are seeing escalate to levels we never imagined.

Sadly when typing in a search in Google for police beatings of women we see account after account. In the United States we used to think of police brutality as happening in other countries and not generally not an occurrence here in the US. In the end times, this has all changed and now police brutality is starting to become characteristic of US police forces.

We are more and more violence in all areas of society which lines with what Jesus predicted life would be like in the end times leading up to the tribulation. 

A society out of control, one that we see extremes in all areas whether it is rage, greed, addiction, gluttony, sexual perversion, violence, people without natural affection for their own children.  But, we never thought there would come a day when our police would also be a cause of society's woes and plagues. This is not saying that there are not some great officers of the law, this is pinpointing the bad ones, the ones that create these kinds of stories and sadly in these end times, these types of officers are becoming more common in our society.