Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ferguson Riots- Violence and Disorder From Both Sides

Ferguson Riots- Violence and Disorder From Both Sides

Photo of National Guard courtesy National Guard website of two National Guard soldiers  in riot gear
National Guard

As I read about the Ferguson riots and see the images of a tear gas blast posted by NBC News, and the National Guard arriving in Ferguson as reported by the New York Times,  amid all of the other news headlines and see the violence, I have one thought; Jesus's prediction in the gospels. In Luke 21:9 Jesus warns, "But when you hear of wars and commotions, do not be terrified; for these things must come to pass first, but the end will not come immediately."  The Ferguson riots are no doubt a commotion. 

I understand the issue for the rioters is an emotional one but does not warrant the level of violence we are seeing. It is a sad day when a US politician has to call in the National Guard to defend against its own people. I can see if the people were fighting an enemy or a government that was limiting it's freedoms and abusing it's citizens, but this is over a cop who shot someone he should not have shot. 

The violence is not only on the part of the rioters. There is the question on whether the police officer who shot Michael Brown should have even fired one shot given that Michael Brown was unarmed, and this is not the first shooting or use of excessive force in an unjustifiable situation.   The violence is also on the part of the police officers and SWAT teams. We see this with the arrest of the Huffington and Washington Post reporters as reported by the Huffington Post, which then turned into the arrest of ten reporters covering Ferguson, as reported by CNS News.  They even arrested two German reporters.  You should not see the arrest of journalists in industrialized nations. Usually you see these type of arrests in third world war torn conflicts where freedoms are limited.  There is no doubt that there is violence on both sides and Jesus warned of this brutality when he compared the end times to the days of Noah, which were characterized by disorder.  On the one side in Ferguson you have a crowd worked up in a violent frenzy, and on the other, power drunk officers brutal in their handling of the situation. 

Ferguson thus gets added to my commentaries as a classic example of the signs of the times, that Jesus predicted that we would see and  verifies to those of us watching that we are in the end times.  

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