Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Catalog of Kill Happy & Wacky Cops At Ferguson

A Catalog of Kill Happy & Wacky Cops At Ferguson

Photo of a police cap that says Police, with devils horns sticking out of the cap with Ferguson written in Capital letters across the police cap and in the background is fire which both depicts hell fire as if the deeds of the police is straight from hell itself and the fire also depicts the riots
Police-Ferguson Riots

This article by MSNBC St. Louis Cop Suspended for Threatening to Kill Everyone acts as a catalog of kill happy and wacky cops at Ferguson, because the article does not just talk about this particular officer, but names two other's whose words and deeds will shock you.

I have two things to say. First and foremost the kill happy officer stated that he is a born again Christian who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I heard of a crack smoker once who preached to people about Jesus while smoking crack.  Another drug user who while coming off of LSD thought he was Jesus Christ.  This officer is in the same category of these drug users only he is not using drugs.  Talking about killing everyone and saying that he is born again only adds to his insanity.

The real issue here is that Ferguson turned into a free for all.  You had insane police officers fighting raging, out of control, violent  rioters.  The entire situation became a replica of the days of Noah. which were characterized by the same lawlessness, violence and insanity.  I will admit it, I am shocked. I did not anticipate what we are now seeing in society.    I knew years ago based on the prophetic forecasts the days were going to get violent, I had no idea of the extremes that were ahead. What we are seeing and the stories we are reading defies logic, reasoning and human understanding.

Not only are every day people fulfilling Bible Prophecy by their actions, but so are the public servants who are expected to live above the law.

 It is a frightening time when the police who are there to protect are acting as if they have come up from the pit of hell. That is what is being unleashed at the moment, as society is becoming more sinful. As a Bible Prophecy writer I do nto know whose actions are more sinful, the police or the public,

All the more reason to tell you all that you need to make sure your spiritual house is in order and that you know Jesus as your personal Savior and if you are born again that you are walking close with Him.