Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Sister Brought a Sex Offender to My Home

My Sister Brought a Sex Offender to My Home

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Unfortunately in my research and reporting on end time Bible Prophecy news I am reading more stories of sexual deviancy and I often report the most shocking. These stories are not just in the news, there are many that are never reported.   Offenders are everywhere in these end times. 

I know of several stories that did not make it into the news that I have been told by various people of their own experiences.  One is the rape of a boy while he was at a summer camp.  Three others of women who as young girls were brutally raped. One by her father, another by her grandfather and another by her sister's boyfriend. We recently read the allegations against Bill Cosby, over 50 women coming forward with stories of rape. Should I then have been surprised when my sister dated a man who was in the sex offender registry and brought him to our home?
Horror of horrors, my sister went onto a chat line, met a man and brought him to my home without asking. They dropped in on my home for a visit. He met my young teenage daughter and his eyes opened real wide. After my sister dropped in with her male friend she informed me that this was her first meeting with this man after talking for three weeks.

Red Flags and Steps to Take for Those in Sex Offender Registry

Red Flag No. 1 They met on Quest chat, where she reported to me meeting men who are into bazaar fetishes. My sister felt this man was different and genuine.
Red Flag No. 2 This man's eyes opened wide with glee when he first looked at my daughter: Too happily for a 48 year old man.
He gave my sister a good deal of information about himself and upon seeing the red flags, here were the steps I took.
Step 1, I asked my sister for his last name. He said he was a biker who got in a fight and went to prison for assault, and he divorced his wife who was a pill addict.
States usually have data bases, Connecticut has its judicial website and I simply looked him up. The conviction he spoke of did not show up and neither did a divorce.
Red Flag No 3. This man's name showed no record of the facts he stated. He obviously gave her a fake last name. At this point I knew there was something serious he was hiding.
Step 2: Name search-My sister continued the relationship and told me his sister verified all he said and how nice he was treating her. Then she called me with a name she saw on his prescription bottle, good thinking on her part. I put it in a Google search and  he was a sexual offender, he is a sexual offender, with his mug shot pasted all over the first page of Google. I WAS HORRIFIED!
Step 3: Criminal charge look up I checked his charges in CT's Judicial Website and he was found guilty of three counts of touching the private parts of a child under 16. Many states now have criminal records available on their judicial websites so that you can look up the charges . I saw that he was not long out of prison and he had served 4 years and was on probation.
Step 4 - I then attempted to obtain the actual police report and I sent a Freedom of Information letter to the Department, but they would not release the report for the protection of the minor but in protecting the minor they also protect this perpetrator.
I learned from my sister that this man also possesses an unregistered gun, that she refuses to inform anyone for fear of him. He told my sister all kinds of lies about the charges and my sister is in part believed him.
Step 5 I contacted this man's probation officer, which you can easily obtain when you know the court they were arrested in. If the court does on provide an online directory you can always phone the clerk of the court and ask for the information. If the person has moved and transferred you can get that information and if they finished their probation, you will have to void this step.

 I found out from probation that this offender is under house arrest and is not allowed to be on a chat line and cannot go to schools, church or out of his home. And they told me to phone the police immediately if he shows up at our home. She also informed me because of the bracelet he was wearing on his foot that she knew he had been at my home. She told me to go onto the CT Sex Offender's website and register to track him. On the site I found the following facts:
·        Most sex offenders (80- 95%) assault people they know.
·        At least half of convicted child molesters report that they also have sexually assaulted an adult.
·        Over 80% of convicted adult rapists report that they have molested children.

After completing the above steps I instituted the final step and that is to be aware and I have stepped up our home security and drove my daughter more places instead of having her walk. Finally we do have a dog who barks when anyone approaches the home and we are surrounded by neighbors. The best thing anyone can do it to be informed, be aware of your surroundings and who comes in to your home. By taking the above steps you or your children are not going to be easy victims for a crime.

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