Friday, July 11, 2014

Jesus Christ Lives Today

Jesus Christ Lives Today

A photo of an oil painting by Erika Grey of Jesus in the Revelation, depicted in bright white light, with I am the Alpha and Omega written across the top of his figure and he is holding the stars of the seven churches in his right hand and a golden 7 candle lamp is to the right of him and the bottom of his rose is red signifying it is dipped in blood and on his robe are words that read, King of King and Lord of Lords. The background is green signifying the emerald throne of God depicted in the book of Revelation
Jesus in the Revelation 

Writing and commentating on end time Bible Prophecy to an Evangelical Christian audience I thought it important to include my personal conversion for any who might have a question about my salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.

My Personal Religious Conversion Story

I was born and raised in an Italian Catholic family where your faith is part of your nationality. An Italian who is not a Catholic is almost unheard of in Italian families. I attended a Catholic grade school and made the sacraments. When I reached adolescence I questioned the Catholic Church's doctrine. I did not agree with the teaching that if you were not a Catholic you were not going to heaven. I left the church at 13 years old and remained an agnostic. I did not know if there was a God. I saw the emptiness in the pursuits of most people and knew that those things in and of themselves do not satisfy one's soul.
As a teen in the early 1970's, I caught the rebellious fervor of the late 1960's. I developed a fascination with the paranormal and I drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes and marijuana. I was a budding artist and I enjoyed classical literature, my early work reflected my liberal thinking.
I received a pamphlet in the mail on Bible Prophecy and it fascinated me. It brought me back to an earlier time when I read from the book of Revelation. Upon reaching adolescence I was taken aback by its mysterious frightening words.
One day while out drinking and smoking marijuana with a friend and feeling very depressed and chained to a life style that I was now a prisoner, I prayed to God. I asked God that if Jesus Christ was the Son of God and did all of the miracles that the Gospels recorded, and He had such an impact in the lives of the early Christians, how come He was not having any impact in my life. I asked God to reveal His Son to me. It was right before my 18th birthday. After that everything in my life changed. My desire to drink and do drugs left me, and those chains fells off. I now had new desires such as reading my Bible and going to Church to learn the Word of God. I had met Jesus Christ personally. While I did not meet Him in His body my encounter with HIs spirit was life changing and it is was if I had met Him person to person.
I have now been a born again Christian for over 30 years and while I have been through some serious difficulties, and my walk with Christ has hit both highs and lows, including times when I was very close to Christ, and times when I was further away; my faith in Jesus as my personal Savior changed my life's direction, affects my life's decisions and helps me through my most difficult times.
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