Sunday, July 13, 2014

CT Doctor Guilty of Multiple Counts of Rape

CT Doctor Guilty of Multiple Counts of Rape

a photo of a smiling Dr. Tory Wesbrook taken for a doctor's data base and taken prior to his arrest

I have stated that as we get closer to the start of the Tribulation we are hearing of more shocking stories of immorality and depravity committed by persons that we would not expect proving that we are in the end times. In this case the story involved my own doctor. 

Dr. Tory Westbrook of Glastonbury, Connecticut was convicted for rape and sexual assault charges from three separate women. Dr. Westbrook worked as a doctor at Community Health Center in Clinton, Connecticut before accepting a job as medical director for Charter Oak Health Center. In addition, he was the medical director for both East Hampton and East Haddam school systems. Connecticut Governor Malloy's SustiNetHealth Care Cabinet enlisted Dr. Westbrook as a health care industry representative.
Within days of Westbrook resigning from Community Health to transfer to his new position, a woman went to the directors of CHC in Clinton and made an allegation of rape against Dr. Westbrook. When the arrest made the news, two other women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of the good doctor. Although he was innocent until proven guilty, Charter Oak placed him on unpaid leave. East Hampton and East Haddam severed their relationship with Westbrook and he resigned. They also terminated Dr. Westbrook's status as the district's medical advisor. At the time the Governor's office  considered immediately removing Westbrook and according to an NBC News Connecticut article stated, "his participation in the Cabinet will not help the State move forward to ensure affordable, accessible care to residents."
In one fell swoop, The State of Connecticut took down Dr. Westbrook, a 43-year-old father of four. Dr. Westbrook's achievements listed on Connecticut's Office of Health Reform website include his co-chairing the Governor's Health Policy Transition Team. He co-chaired the State's Universal Health Plan Project and their subcommittees. He was a past board member of and former board president of the non-profit Hartford Behavioral Health and board member of the Connecticut Health Foundation. Dr. Westbrook was also a commissioner on the State Commission on Health Equity. Despite all of his accomplishments and his having no past criminal record, a judge held Dr. Westbrook on $ 450,000 bond.
According to Norm Pattis, Westbrook's attorney who gave me a statement when I first inquired, "Dr. Westbrook is not guilty of rape. When the warrants are unsealed, it will become apparent that the case is fueled by hysterical overreactions of patients who were undergoing normal clinical examinations. This case has the look and feel of the Salem witchcraft trial. I am confident he will be found not guilty of any crime."
Norm Pattis was wrong, the good doctor was found guilty of rape in November of 2013. That very day Dr. Westbrook's wife, a superior court judge filed for divorce.
What made this story to shocking to me is that Dr. Westbrook was my doctor.  I did not believe Dr. Westbrook was guilty of rape. and from first-hand, experience I can tell you that he was appropriate with me..

We have been reading of these stories occurring with more frequency in these end times.   This was not a doctor I read about in another State, as is usually the case, this was my personal doctor. What has been striking to me is that at one time I reported on stories that happened to others, in faraway places.  Lately several stories that I am writing about happened to people I know.   Such is the case of the arrest and conviction of the Good Doctor. Knowing him personally, he is an intelligent man, seemed dedicated to his profession  and he was married to a smart, accomplished woman.   He had so much going for him, how could he be so foolish? How could he let such immorality rule over his person.  The good doctor fits now right in with 2 Timothy 3:1.He is characteristic of what we are told to expect of wickedness in the end times. 

Despite all of Dr. Tory Westbrook's accomplishments, the sin he gave into  ruled him and destroyed all he worked for and achieved. When others now view him they will see him as the doctor guilty of rape; given over to gross immorality.  His story for me is another illustration of the signs of the times of the end times only this time instead of me telling of a doctor in distant State, he was my doctor.
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