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3 Reasons Why Facebook is Overrated & 10 Why Twitter is Better

3 Reasons Why Facebook is Overrated & 10 Why Twitter is Better

Erika Grey Prophecy Talk Facebook Vs. Twitter-3 Reasons Why Facebook is Overrated & 10 Why Twitter is Better

For End Times Bible Prophecy and keeping up with or relaying Bible Prophecy News I prefer Twitter.   If you follow Bible Prophecy you should have a Twitter Account. 

A twitter timeline with its short tweets is dynamic while Facebook is cumbersome. People on Twitter are far more responsive. 

 Finally Twitter is cost effective to advertise and Facebook charges more to advertise. Even worse Facebook will remove inactive users so if you have paid to increase your profile and  your numbers, they can randomly reduce your numbers. 

Everywhere we go online are links to share on Facebook along with other social networking sites. Every business wants you to like their page on Facebook. Businesses engage in social media marketing and work out social media campaigns. They instruct people to like them on Facebook. Television news shows do the same, as if this will guarantee more business and viewers.

3 Reasons Why Facebook is Overrated for Business & 10 Why Twitter is Better

Facebook now has 1.55 billion active users and is the no. 1 visited site worldwide. A study showed that those who are fans or followers of a brand on Facebook or Twitter are more likely to buy products and services or recommend the brand to a friend. 

These facts caused a Facebook frenzy among businesses large and small online and offline. Everywhere you go and look you see the "like us on Facebook" button. I was shocked to walk into an Expect Discount store and see a giant size poster instructing their patrons to like them on Facebook.

For businesses today having a Facebook page is now become part of the owning a business. A Facebook page is the equivalent of a free Yellowpage ad, but does it really help drum up business? Here are three reasons why Facebook is overrated for business:

1. Of the 1.5 billion users how many of those are businesses, politicians, celebrities, models, and anyone doing any kind of PR scrambling for the Facebook like. This knocks the 1.5 billion user number down quite a bit. If this number were divided into actual users versus businesses we would see a different figure. The dramatic increase to 1.5 billion  users can be due to the myriad of businesses jumping on the Facebook bandwagon.

Out of the number of active Facebook subscribers the number of those who fall into your businesses demographics who will bring your business new leads, or use your product or service is very small.

Of the active users with lots of friends all posting their likes, events and links, how many likes and links do you think other Facebook users will actually click on? If they click on these likes how many of those will turn into business, I am sure very few.

2. Second, Facebook has become too commercialized. Towns, cities, restaurants and all kinds of businesses, now have their own Facebook pages. You cannot even make friends with certain persons without them throwing their business in your face to drum up sales adding to the commercialization of Facebook. Not to mention all of the event invites a user receives. Commercialization is a big turn off for people, no one likes to feel that they are being solicited for a sale.

Facebook users are being bombarded with so many likes and events that the number of positive results for businesses is going to dwindle.

3. Every Facebook user has a different experience on Facebook. Teenagers use Facebook to converse, some use it for games and others hardly use it at all. There are those who make friends with everyone and anyone and those who only make friends with the people they actually know. 

Lets look at a Facebook page, most will upload photos, there will be comments on those photos, some might make a comment. Nothing too personal. How much of that can any one person stand of that in a day? Facebook is limited. This eliminates Facebook's effectiveness for many businesses.

If you are looking for Facebook as the magic bullet to grow your business do not be disappointed if it does little to nothing to help grow your business.

Facebook is no doubt overrated for business. Having a Facebook page is like having a free yellow page ad in a directory. With Facebook acting as the people and business directory, your business should have a page to lend to your businesses professional image. Just do not expect your business to grow overnight because you have a Facebook page. Building an online presence takes a lot of work and time, and businesses should have exposure throughout several online platforms to aid in their success.

As I warned with Facebook advertising, they can randomly eliminate inactive users from your like page.

10 Reasons Why Twitter is Better

1.Twitter on the other hand, you can follow people locally if your business is local and this will help you to get known.

2. People on twitter will generally follow you back. It is easier to build up a social market on twitter than on Facebook.

3. Twitter is easier to use hashtags and jump in on conversations and see what is being said (tweeted) around the globe.  if the hashtag has to do with a topic or product related to your business this can also help you get known.

4. You can post a Twitter feed on your website and use it to provide updates for your business.

5. For those of us with busy lifestyles who like our information instantly, Facebook is cumbersome to scroll down to see posts, while twitter with its short tweets provides you the information you want to see instantly.

6. On twitter you can put your favorite persons or businesses in a list and you can categorize those lists and see the tweets from them without even having to follow them.   In a business you can even see what our competition is doing this way. Or if you have those you glean information from they can go into another list.

7. On Twitter you can access and get responses from high profile persons because most will pay attention to their twitter accounts, try doing the same on Facebook, it does not happen. Many do not use their Facebook accounts.

8. You see major new's outlets site twitter as a source for key persons, you never see them site Facebook, instead Facebook  references are used in the news to show who got arrested or lost their job because of a Facebook post.

9. Twitter analytic are more extensive than Facebook , more dynamic and easy to access.

10.Twitter will never for any reason remove followers or fans from your account like Facebook. I know from experience as I went through one of those reductions of inactive users.   Who may be inactive today may be back on again. I have remained inactive in certain accounts and used them long after I set them up.

For my website, "Prophecy Talk"  and a user of both twitter and Facebook I find that people are more apt to retweet on Twitter than share on Facebook , usually people share cute or funny photos on Facebook  and much more information gets shared on Twitter.  For Bible Prophecy News there are many groups on Facebook  and you can blow up your timeline trying to keep up with them all, not with twitter, you get their tweets quickly and dynamically without a lot of scrolling. 

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