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Book: The Alphabet Bears: Spook Tales Collection

The Alphabet Bears, named after the United States Alphabet Agencies draw their inspiration from an eccentric retired United States Army Colonel whose collection of special operation decorated stuffed bears enhance his dining room.  This anonymous former United States military officer stands as the series key source of information. During the Colonel’s military history he taught at West Point,  educated agents at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and acted as a CIA operative who served at a desk at the Pentagon in the Central Intelligence Agency’s Plans and Operations, which develops various intelligence missions.            

Although the facts within the stories are historically accurate, with figurative terminology depicted literally which lends to the stories humor, the stories deviate in their accuracy in one area.  In each story the Alphabet Bears report to the First Lady, Queen Marcelle rather than reporting to the President of the United States.   These stories take the leap of having a female lead the United States although this has not yet happened historically.  While familiarizing a child in the basics in US foreign policy, the stories also teach the reader about the basic makeup of the US Government, names of various countries, cities and cultural landmarks while adding sardonic humor.  The Airman stories add a humorous slant to the use of propaganda and media’s role in politics. 

The Alphabet BearsSpook Tales Collection provide nine stories which both adults and children will enjoy.  See above for a partial cast of characters:
George Bear, Spook Bear, Air Bear, Royal Von Pucket and George the Spy-bug, next
Ghost Bear, First Lady Queen Marcelle, Evil Queen Harriet, Son of Harriet & Airman.

  A Word About the Collection

The Alphabet Bears:Spook Tales Collection like my other works rely on facts and sound research.   They take US foreign policy to a humorous level.   These stories  combine historical events, interviews with two US Military Colonels, humor and my own personal experiences into one work.  

The Alphabet Bears themselves are based on the Colonel's bear collection and one is named after his actual handle.  The villains are all real villains I knew in real life.  Evil Queen Harriet is based on a person who most would consider evil and she is a hoarder and the sock story in the book is based on a true story of her hoarding.   

Royal Von Pucket, which is Big Brother Bear's name before he becomes a bear entity is an actual person who lives in Idaho.  I loved his name so much and thought it was so funny it made it into the story.   

George the spider, which in one of the narratives is a spy-bug planted by the Agency is based on an actual spider that formed a web in one of the involved character's home and became his pet.  

Airman is the actual nickname given to a man by the name of Aron who you will have to read the stories to learn more about.  

 In Connecticut the Norwalk, Connecticut courthouse had a bad reputation of harsh and maximum sentences for minor violations. The Manual Impetigo story, which is based on the true story of Manual Noriega. When he went to trial, which was in Florida, I had him go to the Norwalk, Connecticut courthouse and deal with characters based on Norwak CT's real life persons.   

Lastly, Son of Harriet is an actual son of Harriet and I borrowed the name from a person who joked about Harriet's evilness and jokingly referred to one of her sons as "Son of Harriet" as if he lost his identity in her evilness.  There are so many truths found in the series that I can keep writing and writing but I will stop here.  

I hope that you will enjoy the collection.

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