Saturday, December 29, 2012

Who Can Blame Putin For Signing Anti-US Adoption Bill?

Who Can Blame Putin For Signing Anti-US Adoption Bill?

a photo of Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill banning adoptions of Russian children by US citizens, which will go into effect on January 1, 2013, and already is terminating adoptions that are underway.   The US media reported that some families who are adopting special needs children are quite upset and that there is a concern for special needs children in Russia who will not get the care that they can get in the US.   But, the reason for the bill is that 19 children were murdered by their adoptive parents.   These are couples who could not have children and wanted children so bad that they adopted.

In addition, one parent sent a special need 7 year old back to Russian by himself on a plane with a note to keep the child.  This boy had severe emotional difficulties which should have been no surprise to the parent who adopted him out of an orphanage. Some of these children suffer from reactive attachment disorder, which is one of the most difficult behavioral disorders to deal with.

Instead of America being upset at Mr. Putin, it should look at its record for caring for its children.  The BBC’s article American’s Child Death Shame reports on the number of deaths of American children compared to other countries. Our record is shocking!

This article was written pre Newtown shooter and does not count the 20 children that are dead from that shooting alone.   We are outraged at the Newtown shooter and also at Putin for protecting his nation’s orphans after 19 deaths and one case of severe neglect?  Mr. Putin made the right decision for his nation’s children by signing that bill.  Maybe the orphans cannot get the care the US would offer, and that is only hypothetical.  What happened to the 19 murdered adopted children, they did not benefit from any care the US offers.   I hate to even imagine thinking of what they suffered at the hands of their adoptive parents before their lives were finally taken.

Instead of blaming Putin this is a wakeup call to the US.  The US should be walking the walk of shame for its deplorable record. From a prophetic viewpoint we are in the perilous times of 11 Timothy with all of its brutality.  The bad news is that according to the Bible it is going to get worse.

Instead of the US media focusing on Russia’s inadequately cared for special needs orphans who can no longer be adopted, it should be showing the memorials and teddy bears for Russia’s 19  murdered children.  Mr. Putin, you did the right thing!