Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gang Rape on Bus in India -More Signs of the Times

Gang Rape on Bus in India -More Signs of the Times

 a graphic (c) Erika Grey Signs of the Times

I just finished my blog concerning the Sandy Hook Connecticut killer and I awake to read this headline.
Outrage Grows In India Over Gang Rape On Bus.   This rape follows many others and one where the rapists raped and killed a 10 year old girl.  In this particular rape the rapists beat the young woman with an iron rod and stripped her naked before dumping her body.  This brutality is standard across the country and the crimes are not prosecuted.

This again is an example of the brutality spoken of in 11 Timothy, the lawlessness spoken of by Jesus in Matthew and the violence that was mirrored in the days of Noah.   Do we have any more of a recipe for the coming Tribulation?

How do you think that God feels watching from above.  He gives man free will and these acts against one another are what man decides to do with his free will. 

The warning signs are already here.  The increase in earthquakes and natural disasters have more than just begun.  When Jesus spoke of the conflict between nations (nation rising against nation)  the lawlessness, the brutality of men,  these signs come because of the sinfulness of man. The natural disasters then follow to warn man and draw him back to God. Sadly this world is growing more sinful and perilous as we head closer to the Tribulation.   

The above headline as shocking as it is is not an isolated incident but is the norm in India and is a sign of the times. As I said in my earlier blog, we have comfort in Christ as the times become terrifying and marked by such extreme violence.

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