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The Prophets LIved What They Wrote About

The Prophets LIved What They Wrote About

books of the prophets, major prophets, minor prophets amidst a blood moon predicted in the book of Joel and Nebuchadnezzar's dream image from the book of Daniel

In writing about Bible Prophecy I became familiar with the lives of the Prophets.

God commanded Hosea to marry a harlot who would have an affair on him. How painful for Hosea to live with a woman who would abandon him for another man. (Hosea 3:1) When she did, he prayed for her. The "other man" ended up selling her as a slave. As she stood naked and humiliated on the bidding platform, Hosea went an outbid every other bidder to get her back. He took her back home and told her that she would be his and he would be hers from that time forward. Hosea's life provided a picture of our unfaithfulness to God and His love toward us. Hosea in the flesh lived through the pain of living though the pain caused by an adulterous wife.

The prophet Ezekiel suffered even worse. God told him that he would find himself bound and he was also made mute and paralyzed on one side for some time to get God's message across. If this was not enough God told him that his wife would die and she died instantly. He instructed him not to mourn her to convey a message to Israel who he preached God's message.  Ezekiel was made mute, paralyzed and lost his wife. 

In the book of Jeremiah God told Jeremiah not to take a wife or have children because of the judgments that were to come and the bad state the land and people would be in.   In addition to Jeremiah being alone as a testimony of the future predictions, his brothers attacked him.  He suffered a beating and was put in stocks by a priest and a false prophet. The king whose rein he prophesied during threw him into a well and left him there to die. He found himself deep in the mud and mire. Jeremiah's story had a happy ending as 30 righteous men sent down a homemade rope that he tied under his arms and they lifted him out of the well. When Nebuchadnezzar invaded Israel- just as Jeremiah predicted- he rescued Jeremiah from Israel's evil king. 

During Babylon's captivity while all Israel suffered under their harsh regime, Jeremiah and his associates dwelt in safety under Nebuchadnezzar who felt flattered by Jeremiah's forecast of his victory over Israel. For this reason he saved Jeremiah. Once the Babylonian 
invasion took place we no longer read of any hardships for Jeremiah.

The prophet Daniel was thrown into a fiery furnace and also a lion's den. John who wrote the Revelation was banished to the island of Patmos and forced to suffer solitary confinement and hard labor on that island.

In my own life I experienced the loss of seven family members and friends in two and a half years, there was nothing like experiencing death of a loved one to show me how painful this life really can become and of the importance of living for our afterlife.  After one of the deaths the division in the family , the bickering, greed and entitlement not only created more loss but  revealed evil traits in people that had not in the past been part of their character. 

I have heard the first hand accounts from many people of difficulties at their work and with family members.  I am hearing stories from individuals that were unheard of about 20 years ago and many of these stories have to do with greed.

I have personally heard:

1.  A father who swindled his daughter out of her life and future savings to the tune of over a half a million dollars.
2. A daughter suing her father over a reaction to mold she endured in a condo he purchased as a gift for her and when she vacated she demanded another condo.  When he refused to buy her one and demanded she go elsewhere after her constant harassment she turned around and sued him.
3. A daughter who swindled her mother  out of her properties 
4. A couple's wedding money stolen on the day of their wedding. Just so happens that the groom's brother is a junkie with a rap sheet for thievery.  
5. A young man whose drug addicted sister stole his check book and took $3,000, and also her parents for $8,000 at the same time.

I personally know of  two local pastor's whose wives had affairs, one leaving her husband for a younger man.

The end times, which are characterized by an increase in sin are effecting everyone's lives.  

 We see people we know capable of acts that we never imagined.  

I reached a point in my life where I used to say that I could not be shocked. In these end times I am shocked on a regular basis.   The big question that everyone asks given that we are seeing the fulfillment of the end time signs is the same question you asked your parents as a little kid, "are we there yet?" Unfortunately, the times will continue to grow worse right up until the start of the Tribulation.

Many of us are now living with greater difficulties because we live in the end times. For myself who writes on the end times Bible Prophecy I feel like I am living and experiencing what I write about both through my own experiences and of those who relay to me their circumstances.

There is no greater example of living a message than the Lord Jesus who bore the suffering of the cross, who was deserted by His friends, (the apostles)  betrayed and rejected by His own people.We are living in difficult times, we were warned about them and Bible Prophecy told us how difficult they would become, but as the end times continue to worsen and  people become less trustworthy and more difficult to deal with, we are never alone, Jesus is with us.

The prophets bore through their pain because they knew that the World of God, the reality of Him was so great, it was greater than what ever they were experiencing. The power of God and of Jesus Christ, is  immeasurable. We are seeing that power in today in the unfolding of Bible Prophecy. Despite how the end times may be effecting our lives because of the difficult sinful times we live and the resulting circumstances we now must face, Jesus Christ is with us, just as He was with Daniel in the fiery furnace.
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