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Names of God in the Prophetic Writings

Names of God in the Prophetic Writings

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In Prophetic passages God refers to Himself as Lord God which occurs in 532 exact phrases throughout the Bible. In addition He refers to Himself as the Lord of Hosts. Lord of Hosts is used 273 times in the Bible.  Lord God of Hosts is mentioned 28 times and Lord of Sabaoth is mentioned in the New Testament in two verses.  It means the same as Lord of Hosts.

Lord of Hosts is sung by the heavenly chorus in the throne room of God.   The word for Lord in both phrases the Lord God and Lord of Hosts uses the word Jehovah.  The name Jehovah  was considered so holy, the name was never spoken.  See Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary definition of Jehovah:


   the special and significant name (not merely an appellative
   title such as Lord [adonai]) by which God revealed himself to
   the ancient Hebrews (Ex. 6:2, 3). This name, the Tetragrammaton
   of the Greeks, was held by the later Jews to be so sacred that
   it was never pronounced except by the high priest on the great
   Day of Atonement, when he entered into the most holy place.
   Whenever this name occurred in the sacred books they pronounced
      it, as they still do, "Adonai" (i.e., Lord), thus using another
   word in its stead. The Massorets gave to it the vowel-points
   appropriate to this word. This Jewish practice was founded on a
   false interpretation of Lev. 24:16. The meaning of the word
   appears from Ex. 3:14 to be "the unchanging, eternal,
   self-existent God," the "I am that I am," a convenant-keeping
   God. (Comp. Mal. 3:6; Hos. 12:5; Rev. 1:4, 8.)

In Lord God, the word for God is Elohim and according to "From Elohim to Abba: The Intimagte names of God published on August 10, 2007

Elohim (translated “God” in English) is the Hebrew name used for God in the very first line of the Bible.Elohim existed already and he created everything else. Elohim is a plural noun that can also refer to the various gods or the human authorities of the nations. The Bible, however, uses this noun to refer to the one true God.

Kings and queens might use the “royal We” to speak of themselves in the plural of majesty. Biblical authors likewise spoke of the one true God in the plural form to show his elevated status above all people and above all so-called gods. Some would even argue that God inspired the biblical writers to use this plural name as an early hint that later he would more fully reveal the fact that he is a Trinity, one God in three Persons

Elohim designates God as Majestic Ruler over all.

Why of all names would God in prophecy use Lord God and Lord of Hosts to refer to Himself?  These names depict His holiness. In addition the Lord of Hosts portrays the spiritual world that exists and that He reigns over.  We think of this world as on a material plane, when an entire spiritual world exists that the Bible reveals to us.

While many of the Biblical names for God refer to aspects of his nature those depicted in the prophetic writings reveal his holiness. These give us a glimpse into the heavenly spiritual world He reigns. God is part of this world and it is a part of Him.  Elohim hints at the triune nature of God. The Lord of Hosts depicts his entire powerful army of spiritual beings (Angels) of which the Lord God is commander.  In the prophetic writings God gives us a view into His most magnificent world and His Awesome Diety.   

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