Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Answer To Prayer During Hurricane Sandy

Answer To Prayer During Hurricane Sandy

With the approaching storm I wondered if I should stay where I was at or go elsewhere.  I live along the CT shoreline and they were saying the CT Shore was going to be hit hard.  They were already ordering evacuations within five minutes of my home.   The Holy Spirit prompted me to go to my father’s house in the Northwestern part of Connecticut.  He is newly widowed and my sister is living with him.  I am also newly widowed and it was only my teenage daughter and myself so I felt lead to go to his home. I remembered how Jesus spoke to the winds and calmed them.   I prayed for my dad’s home and also claimed Psalm 91.  It is a wonderful prayer of protection.

I am happy to say that of the 6 million people who lost electricity we were not one of them.   My dad’s home was completely safe during the storm and we have power.   Based on the reports coming from the CT Shoreline, it was a smart move for me to leave.  I am without power at my home on the Shoreline. I was able to discover this going to the Connecticut Light and Power website.

I checked on my prayer warrior friend Patty.  Patty is an amazing Christian woman.  She is a true prayer warrior.   She is a single woman who is in her early 70’s.  Patty is a dwarf, but in the Lord she is ten feet tall. She has an amazing strength of spirit in the Lord despite her small size.  I called Patty to check on her because she is from the Shoreline town that suffered the most destruction and flooding.  Her prayer to God was answered. Patty also did not suffer power loss and niether did she the hurricane before after she prayed.

While I am happy to relay this testimony, each of us we have prayers that are answered with a no. God is always working to accomplish His purpose in our lives and draw us closer to Him. But, I wanted to relay this testimony of God’s protection and answer to prayer.    
Natural Disasters are the new norm.  Jesus told us to expect an increase in natural disasters that these are the signs that will lead to His coming.   

During the Great Tribulation people will be living through unfathomable trials.  

Believers during those times will have nothing to rely on except faith. Many of them will end up martyred. Jesus said that if He does not return when He does there will be no faith left on the earth. This is how unimaginable grueiling those days will be.
No doubt these days leading up to the Tribulation are difficult. I am glad that we serve a Great God, who answers prayer and can help us through the hardships these times present.   Hurricane Sandy serves as another sign that the Tribulation is not far off and we can expect more and more of these disasters as we head towards the Tribulation.  But, God can keep us safe and protect us during these times unless there is some lesson he wants us to learn through hardship.
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