Monday, October 17, 2011

Impending Doom for the United States

Impending Doom for the United States

a graphic by Erika Grey US Dollar Doomed, which shows a large green symbol of the US dollar and below the dollar symbol in large red capital letters it reads Doomed

The United States is in a downward spiral.  Between the US deficit and economy, there is no hope in sight.   Add Bible Prophecy to the equation and it spells IMPENDING DOOM for the United States.  

No matter which way you look there is no solution, the US is going down.  The amount of the US deficit, the printing of more money--a sure formula for the destruction of any nation's currency--the US dollar is ready to tank.  There are no new jobs, spending is down, foreclosures and short sales in every community, no growth, retail and internet sales crawling, real estate sales at a near stand still, and non-stop government spending.

Fifteen percent of the US population is on food stamps,  One in six Americans are now at poverty level,  The government gives out  entitlements and dollars, which it does not have. The US poor can get financial assistance,  food stamps, cell phones, internet, utility assistance, low income housing, and health insurance.  The US poor are rich compared to the poor of banana republics.

The US is in a damned if it does and damned if it doesn't dilemma.  If they cut a program it caused this, if they try to stimulate the economy it causes that. For each entitlement that needs to be cut, politicians protest, along with protests for tax increases.

Its impending doom for the United States no matter which direction you look, there are no solutions at this point, not when a downward spiral is in motion. The US is in a downward spiral, it is going down!   Too much money has gone out of the coffer for wars, defense programs, moneys to other countries, pension programs and program upon programs.

The natural disasters that are occuring at an unprecidented rate do not help matters as they require a good deal of unexpected funds.   No differant than when you are trying to make ends meet and your roof springs a leak or your vehicle needs a major repair.   So it is with the United States, just when the nation is struggling financially, unexpected diasters strike that require funding.

Think of the United States like the Titanic, it was the greatest ship of its time and many thought it was unsinkable.  The United States has been the greatest nation in the world and many Americans believe the US is too great to ever go down.  The US has hit an iceberg and is beginning to sink.   Like the Titanic, US citizens still believe help is on the way, in the mean time the US is going down.  Like the Titanic there are not enough life boats.   The Carpathian of world empires will come along and try to keep the US from suffering from total collapse of its dollar and economy.  Like the Titanic, a great deal of wreckage will be left behind. With the collapse of the US dollar will come a shift in the global pecking order which will mirror the prophetic picture relayed by the prophet Daniel and John in the Revelation and bring us closer to the start of the Tribulation.

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