Monday, October 17, 2011

Earthquake in Canada, Oregon?

Earthquake in Canada, Oregon?

Map of Canada

While I was thinking about all of the natural disasters,  I thought that maybe Canada might be a safe place to live because you do not hear of natural disasters occuring in Canada. God has a sense of humor, and He corrected me on the matter of safe places in the end times.    While my thoughts were still fresh on Canada, a breaking news came in that a magnitute 6.4 earthquake hit Vancouver Island.

Its seems of late that we have a bit of a break from the wirlwind of natural disasters that were taking place at the end of the summer. Not that earthquakes have still not been rocking the earth, because they have, but they have not resulted in massive amounts of damages or deaths. Since Vancouver, earthquakes have struck in Fiji, Japan, Napal, Guatemala, Kermadic Islands  (South Pacific),  and the coast of Oregon. Oregon is an out of the way place for an earthquake, but more of these are becoming popular with the Lord God of Sabaoth who is trying to get His point accross that we are in fact in the end times and the Tribulation is around the corner.

If we begin to forget these are the end times, and the Tribulation is around the corner, God hits us with one of these shockers to keep us on our toes.

Lastly, a few days ago, a 6.5 struck Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific.  South Pacific earthquakes and tsunami warnings are becoming common place and we do not think twice about these anymore because we are becoming decensitized.

I have not even commented on the floods this year, which includes the more recent Pakistan Floods and the end of the summer deluge, which included flooding from Tropical Storm Lee on September 9, 2011.  ABC recorded in their article Northeast Flooding that 45 trillion gallons of rain flooded the area. 

For the moment, there is a calm, not that the natural diasters have stopped but that they are not causing the damage they did at the end of the summer such as the flooding from Lee.  As they say there is a calm before the storm, we can only see what the rest of the year will bring.

On my website I have a page devoted to natural disaster links to see up to the minute reports from the websites that report natural disasters around the globe.   Or I recommend that you go on Twitter and follow @prophecydude1 and you will get his tweets on natural disasters from around the world as they occur.  No one is more diligent than Prophecy Dude or more accurate, he does an excellent job and provides a valuable portal of information for Bible Prophecy watchers.  Prophecy Dude's website is located at

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