Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Confession of a Bible Prophecy Teacher- What it's Like To Know the Future

Confession of a Bible Prophecy Teacher- What it's Like To Know the Future

Erika Grey Prophecy Talk-10 Confessions of a Bible Prophecy Writer-End Times Bible Prophecy

I read news headlines and listen to experts and know that what predict would not happen because I know what was coming in the future. Every article that I have commented on, I have been right about. The tendency in the beginning was over speculation and sort of going all over the place, that led to mistakes, but time tempered that.

When it hit me, and I saw the picture of what was coming geopolitically at first I was overwhelmed.  Daniel became ill with the vision, and I felt sick seeing the beginning of its fulfillment.  This did not happen at first, but as I uncovered more stones and started to see the details.  Once I got it, you cannot even imagine the impact of how overwhelming it was. It's in your face, and it strikes you like lightening. It's very emotional. It frightened me. I wrote in my journal, “this is more powerful than I even imagined.” I also at one point felt that people were better off not knowing, it was that frightening.

I knew that I was ahead of my time, and that I was the only person in the world who knew what I discovered.. I had read about other writers who were ahead of their time, and I was now one of them.  I felt awkward, alone.

Sometimes I have left the present and have actually felt the atmosphere of life in the earth’s final years and hours, and this made me feel afraid.

I was astounded at the Scripture’s accuracy, the details provided, so many of them, I had no idea. I always thought of prophecy as vague, with language that can have multiple meanings.  I even found in Scripture the events leading up to Armageddon. Uncovering the details felt fun, adventurous, the exhilaration of flying.  I wasn’t uncovering rocks here, or facts from a crime story, but rather specifics of information about the events at the end of the age.

A man from my church was a promoter, and he offered to help promote me. He actually got me on radio in 1994 while I was working on my manuscript.  We discussed the book and what I uncovered.  We had some discussions that were absolutely mind blowing. We both felt like we were in the Twilight Zone.  Such as picking apart news articles and laughing because we already knew they were wrong and what was going to happen. We would talk about how we knew what the CIA would like to know, but could not accept. 

We discussed potential Antichrist candidates.

It makes me feel like a historian regarding events that have not yet happened, that I look forward to and backwards from as my point of reference.

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