Thursday, September 8, 2011

There Are So Many Natural Disasters-I Cannot Keep Up With them All!

There Are So Many Natural Disasters-I Cannot Keep Up With them All!

As a Bible Prophecy guru, I watch the news and there was a time when there was no jaw dropping news to report on in relation to Bible Prophecy.   

Hurricane Andrew, which hit South Florida gave us a hint of what was to come in 1992, and we then saw earthquakes, heatwaves and natural disasters become more frequent and severe, but still nothing to write home about--as the cliche goes.   Enough of these natural disasters occurred to catch the attention of the enviromentalists who attributed the weather changes to global warming.  Hurricane Gordon hit Florida and North Carolina in 2000, and a powerful earthquake struck India in 2001.

While the natural disasters were picking up pace, they really didn't get our jaw dropping attention until about 2004.  In 2004, the word Tsunami came into our vocabulary after the death and destruction caused by the powerful 9.0 Indian Ocean earthquake. If this disaster didn't shock us enough we then witnessed horrifying hurricane Katrina in 2005, which nearly sunk New Orleans. It was the third strongest hurricane ever to make landfall and the sixth strongest ever recorded.   Natural disasters picked up a few notches and then a few more. Bible Prophecy watcher's could not help but take notice.

After the 2010 Haiti earthquake,  natural disasters picked up some more notches and then the year 2011 dawned and with it came a title wave of natural disasters.  As a prophecy watcher I cannot keep up with all of the natural disasters wreaking havoc around the globe.   While I write this 3-4 hurricanes are swirling and there is flooding in so many places I cannot remember them all.

Texas has just noted all time record high temperatures. The Associated Press summed it all up in this article:  Disasters in US and Extreme and Exhausing Year.  After the publication of this article more natural disasters have struck.  My head is literally spinning.   These natural disasters are not just isolated to the US, but even the European Environmental Agency noted that Europe is having more disasters and they are increasing in frequency.

In Bible Prophecy, as Bible Prophecy watchers cannot just look at natural disasters but also the social and political state of the world.  We are at an unprecedented time in the world economy. Based on the US deficit it looks like a dollar crash is looming and it will unleash an economic tsunami around the world. The number  of deficits and near defaults in Europe making headlines and contagion spreading to countries like the H1N1 flu virus are also difficult to keep up with. 

As for the pace of natural disasters I believe this is the new norm for the world.  I also believe (based on Bible Prophecy  that the natural disasters will become even more intense.  What we have not seen from the increased natural disasters is a significant loss of life. In time that will change too as they continue to increase in their severity.

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