Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Earthquake and Jesus’ Warning

Japan Earthquake and Jesus’ Warning

Map of Japan

As a Bible prophecy writer I know that natural disasters and wars are part of the predictions for the end times.

 One cannot help but be impacted by the frequency and severity of the natural disasters that have been occurring, which Jesus predicted.  Since I last wrote about natural disasters and earthquakes we are now seeing earthquakes in areas unheard of such as Arkansas, and countries in South America and New Zealand.   New Zealand’s earthquake broke an iceberg the size of 20 football fields off of the country’s longest glacier.  In the mean time, the Northeast US, had so much snow that construction trucks or earth moving machines were used instead of plows because the piles of snow mounted so high.  In addition,   floods, hurricanes and cyclones are striking as well.   If this all is not enough, the Japan earthquake hit and it moved the country of Japan off the map by 8 feet. This earthquake that measured 8.9 on the Richter scale set off a giant Tsunami, which once was not a part of our vocabulary and is now a regular word. With all of these natural disasters we are seeing Bible Prophecy unfold before our very eyes.

Even though I write about Bible prophecy and tell that these things will happen, when the Japan earthquake hit and nearly leveled many parts of this major world nation I cannot help but sit with my mouth open and utter, “Oh My God.” 

Some might say that the Japanese people deserved this and this is their punishment, no, what happened to Japan could have happened anywhere and it is happening everywhere.   This is not about punishment for a people this is about the end times and no one, not one nation, not one person will escape.  As Paul Revere rode on his horse and warned, ”The Red Coats are coming,” With this blog I yell, 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved', the Tribulation is coming, the Tribulation is coming. We are there, we are in the end times and our only hope is through Jesus Christ.

In the mean time I sit in horror as I watch the pictures, see the videos,  read of the climbing death toll and my heart goes out to the Nation and to the Japanese people.  Yet, I  know that the scenes in Japan will repeat in other nations around the world. According to Bible Prophecy, once the Tribulation begins, at midway we will see those same scenes except in addition  natural disasters causing them, they will result from war and they will be taking place in many locations at once. Bible Prophecy tells us that one-fourth of the world’s population will die in the wars brought on by the Antichrist.  If many think that this world is about suffering, it will truly be about suffering in the coming days and during the Tribulation period.  I think of the Japanese who are right now without food, and who are cold because they are without shelter and I feel sadness and grief for them and for the many lives lost and those who have lost loved ones and whose family members are missing.  I am also prompted to warn that the Japanese earthquake is the fulfillment of Jesus’ predictions i.e. Bible Prophecy and we will see more and it is a time more than ever to look to Jesus.

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